A range of daily staples that make your meals healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. Delivered straight from the farm to your table, these minimally processed, unpolished dals, and rice are packed with goodness and freshness, just as nature intended them to be. Discover our products that are #GoodByNature.


A delicious serving of health in every meal. The minimally processed long grain basmati rice by Naturefest, packed with fiber & nutrients that aid digestion, is the healthier rice your kitchen needs. Minimally processed and delivered fresh from farm to your table, it’s truly #GoodByNature.


215 (1Kg)
399 (2Kg)

Toor Dal

Naturefest Unpolished Toor Dal with its goodness intact from the farm to your table, is a powerhouse of protein and iron that your family needs. Make dal fry, dal tadka or any regional dal preparation with this unpolished high-quality dal and make every meal tasty and #GoodByNature.


108 (500gm)
210 (1Kg)

Urad Dal

Who doesn’t enjoy warm idli, dosa and vada with piping hot sambar? Every meal made with Naturefest Unpolished Urad Dal is packed with protein & energy. Delivered from the farm to your table, this unpolished dal retains all its natural goodness and aids digestion. Experience the freshness as nature intended it to be and make every meal #GoodByNature.


109 (500gm)
199 (1Kg)

Moong Dal

The unpolished goodness of nature combined with the versatility of moong dal makes for the healthier dal option your kitchen needs. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E Naturefest Unpolished Moong Dal packed with proteins, helps control blood sugar levels and is easy to digest. Discover freshness and health that is #GoodByNature.


105 (500gm)
199 (1Kg)

Chana Dal

A household staple that is rich in protein and boosts immunity, Naturefest Unpolished Chana Dal is the right option for your family’s health. The journey of this energizing dal from the farm to your table is short and packed with goodness without any artificial processing. Switch to the #GoodByNature chana dal today!


85 (500gm)
140 (1Kg)

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